Komana Small Finds - Yerleşim Arkeolojisi Serisi 7

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Yerleşim Arkeolojisi Serisi 7 (YAS 7) / Settlement Archaeology Series 7
Monografi 2 / Monography 2

The aim of this book has been to collect papers on small finds recovered during the excavations at Komana between 2009 and 2018. It also marks the 10th year of excavations. Komana is a sanctuary site during the Hellenistic period, a place of worship for the kings as well as people from all over the country. It existed through the Roman and then the Byzantine period, was mentioned in the early Turkish written sources and reached the Turkish Republican period as a small rural village. The site is and was in a rural setting, surrounded by agricultural land along Yeşilırmak and its economy depended on agriculture throughout its history. The rural character was not a limitation for the site, on the contrary an attraction due to the wealth it generated. There are clear imports from the Aegean among the scarce finds from the Hellenistic period just like the wealthy finds from the Byzantine and Danishmend/Seljuk periods indicating contacts with Corinth, Byzantium, Cilicia, Iran, Egypt.

396 s, İngilizce makaleler.


  • D. Burcu ERCİYAS / Archaeology at Komana 
  • Tasha VORDERSTRASSE / Experiencing the Medieval Churches of Komana 
  • Meryem ACARA ESER / Objects from Daily Life at Komana: Jewelry 
  • Yunus Emre KARASU – Nurşen ÖZKUL FINDIK / Figured Ceramics Found at Komana (Tokat) Excavations 
  • Tasha VORDERSTRASSE / Lamps from the Roman – Middle Islamic Periods 
  • Gülseren KOYUN ESEN / Small Finds at Komana Made of Bone, Clay and Stone 
  • Evangelia PİŞKİN – Hilal KÜNTÜZ / Bone Working Waste: The Infamous Bone Worker and Other Craftsmen Peeking Through the Animal Bone Assemblage from Medieval Komana 
  • Ceren ÜNAL / Byzantine Coin Finds from the Komana Excavation: A Preliminary Study 
  • Polina IVANOVA / The Coins: Danishmend / Seljuk Phase 
  • Ömür BAKIRER / Komana Glass Bracelets, Preliminary Report 
  • Nurdan YÜCEL – Emine N. CANER-SALTIK / Structural and Compositional Characteristics of Komana Bracelets: Initial Investigations 
  • Gökben AYHAN / An Evaluation on Tobacco Pipes Usage in the Tokat Region / In the Light of Tobacco Pipe Findings of Komana Excavation
Komana Small Finds - Yerleşim Arkeolojisi Serisi 7 Komana Small Finds - Yerleşim Arkeolojisi Serisi 7 9786059680936 Komana Small Finds - Yerleşim Arkeolojisi Serisi 7