The Chalcolithic at Mersin Yumuktepe. Level XVI Reconsidered

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The final publication of Level XVI at Mersin-Yumuktepe is the terminal step of a long-term project. The aim of this publication is to integrate the data obtained by J. Garstang during the excavations conducted at Mersin-Yumuktepe (1936-39 and 1946-47) and published in 1953 in the monograph “Prehistoric Mersin”, with those produced during the excavations carried out from 1993 to 2004, under the direction of I. Caneva, for a comprehensive reconstruction of one of the most notorious levels of occupation at Yumuktepe. The long prehistoric occupational sequence reconstructed by Garstang, the first to have been established in the archaeology of Cilicia, quickly became one of the main references in the Near Eastern, Levantine and East Mediterranean archaeology. In this framework, the unique evidence represented by the “Citadel” of the Level XVI was often considered as a “hall-mark” of Yumuktepe and a recurring “topos” of the archaeological discourse dealing with the chalcolithic societies of the region. To confront with such a “giant” of the Near Eastern archaeology and with the heritage left by Garstang has not been an easy task. The integration of heterogeneous data produced in the frame of different practices, epistemologies and narratives of archaeology has required a long, continuous and sometimes quizzical process of interpolation and negotiation between past and present archaeological evidence aimed at a detailed and attentive reconstruction of the economic, social and cultural developments of the Early-Chalcolithic community at Yumuktepe.

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Giulio Palumbi and Isabella Caneva / An Introduction to Yumuktepe Level XVI

Section I – The Settlement

1. Emanuela Brunacci / Topographic survey and graphic rendering
2. Isabella Caneva / Yumuktepe Level XVI: the field data
3. Lucio Calcagnile, Gianluca Quarta, Marisa D’Elia / Radiocarbon dating the Middle Chalcolithic Level XVI at Yumuktepe

Section II – The Craft Production

4. Giulio Palumbi / The ceramic production of Yumuktepe Level XVI7
5. Pamela Fragnoli / The ceramic production at Yumuktepe Level XVI. Archaeometric analyses
6. Çiler Altınbilek-Algül / Chipped stone industries of the Middle Chalcolithic Level XVI at Yumuktepe (Mersin) .
7. Silvia Ficco / Spinning and weaving tools from Yumuktepe Level XVI
8. Isabella Caneva / Miscellaneous objects from Yumuktepe Level XVI

Section III – Bioarchaeology

  9. Giovanni Siracusano / The faunal remains of Yumuktepe Level XVI
10. Burhan Ulaş / The paleobotanical remains from Yumuktepe Level XVI. Barley cultivation: the basis of the socio-cultural transformation
11. Yılmaz Selim Erdal / Middle Chalcolithic burials from Yumuktepe

Isabella Caneva and Giulio Palumbi / Concluding remarks on Yumuktepe Level XVI: the combined data.

The Chalcolithic at Mersin Yumuktepe. Level XVI Reconsidered The Chalcolithic at Mersin Yumuktepe. Level XVI Reconsidered 9786057673008 The Chalcolithic at Mersin Yumuktepe. Level XVI Reconsidered